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As all cinema managers will attest, a major challenge has been to continue to attract people into cinemas. Today, to maintain the loyalty of the public, cinemas need to be inventive and flexible. brings both of those key points together. gives the cinemas and the public a place to talk. gives cinemas an opportunity to tell the public what they are doing, and for the public to tell cinemas what they want.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown
" There are lots of very beautiful, very different, very original, very colorful (or black and white), and wonderful movies in the Archives just wanting to be shown! " is the brainchild of Chris Brown, a resident of Munich, Germany. Chris is the Cinema-Fans evangelist and lunatic.

Michael Moffatt

Michael Moffatt
" One of the wonderful things about Munich is the variety of movie theatres and its active and keen film going public. "

The web design is largely the charge of Michael Moffatt, a resident of Munich, Germany.

How Works

There are a number of functions that this website can fulfil. The first and most interesting function is the Proposal system. Secondly, a cinema can operate an online reservation system all through an easy web interface.

What are we looking for?

  • Cinemas to partner with.
  • Creative venues, movies or events.
  • Find a better user interface theme. Maybe we could make it a competition!

What are we working on?

  • Payment system
  • Ticket tracking for customer loyalty bonuses.

How can I help?

Propose a movie now! If you want to help us code, find cinemas or promote our holy work, use the Contact page.

What's a "Proposal"?

A Proposal is simply our name for the movie that you want to see. You can "propose" that a movie is shown. You add your name to a movie "proposed" by someone else.

How does the prosposal system work?

Users Propose Movies -> Cinemas Support the Proposals -> Proposals Gets Enough Seats -> Cinemas Confirm -> Movies Show!!!

How can I propose a movie?

Go to the Proposals page. You do not have to enter anything more than the movie name, year and the city that you want to see it in. You can embed a YouTube trailer with the iframe embed link. You can even add the movie poster!

How can I add myself to a movie proposal?

Just click on the green icon beside the showtime or movie that you like.

How do I opt-out of a proposed movie?

You can opt-out (leave) a proposed movie at any time while no specific showtime exists. You have a 48 hour period to opt-out of a specific showtime but after that you are committed to the reservation. Use the red icon beside the movie or showtime.

How does a Cinema support a movie proposal?

A cinema supports a proposal by promising to show the movie if the minimum seat reservation is met. The cinema selects the minimum seat reservation.

What is a Showtime? (specific or rolling)?

A specific showtime means that a cinema has selected an actual day and date to show the proposed movie. A rolling showtime means that the cinema will select a specific showtime only when a minimum seat reservation has been met. A rolling showtime will contain a proposed day of the week and time of the day, so that people who make reservations have a good idea of whether the specific showtime (set later) will be suitable.

When will the proposed movie show?

A cinema must support a proposal. When enough people have added themselves to the proposal, the cinema will select a showtime. The cinema may decide to select a showtime even when the minimum "reservation" has not been met.

When does a showtime cancel?

When a cinema cannot show the movie due to distribution problem etc, they will cancel the showtime. You will receive an email to inform you that this happened.

When does my reservation turn into an actual ticket?

When a cinema books a time to show the movie you have 48 hours to opt-out of the reservation. After that, you're committed to the reservation.

When do I pay for my ticket?

At the moment, you pay at the door of the cinema. In the future we plan to introduce a web payment system.

It is the day of the show and I can't make it! What can I do?

Ticket transfer, just add the name of the person to the reservation who will go in your place. © 2010-2013. Contact. Mobile Friendly. Impressum